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Within assigned grades from third party grading companies, variation can be present for some examples considered to be on the higher-end of the range within their numerical grade. CXA will review any cards graded by PSA, BGS, SGC, CSG and SCD submitted to assess the card’s merit to be CXA Certified. Such cards that meet the declared value criteria will be evaluated by CXA for their technical traits including centering, corners, edges and surface.

Cards deemed to be considered on the higher-end of the variation scale for their grade are assigned a CXA Gold or Black certification with an affixed tamper-proof hologram sticker on the holder and an additional certificate for authentication.

CXA Certified cards are recognized as premium examples for their grade.

To verify a CXA Certified card, send an email with the card's grading company and serial number to:

All cards consigned through CXA with a minimum declared value of $250 are assessed for CXA certification. If you would like to submit your card for CXA certification without consignment, simply download and submit the attached submission form. 


Cards certified with a gold label present with higher quality technical traits relative to their assigned grade and are affixed a tamper-proof gold hologram sticker on the holder. CXA Gold Certified cards are worthy to be considered in the top 25 percentile of variation for their grade.

CXA Gold Certified.jpeg


Cards certified with a black label present with exceedingly higher quality relative to their assigned grade and are affixed a tamper-proof black hologram sticker on the holder. CXA Black Certified cards are considered in the top 10 percentile of variation for their grade.

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